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Easier To Lie
: 1/? - Consult
Pairing: James Wilson/Allison Cameron/Jack Shephard
Rating: PG, for now.
Disclaimer: FOX and David Shore = House. ABC and JJ Abrams = Lost. I don't own them, nor do I claim to. Kay? Kay. Also, any misused medical jargon is purely unintentional; as much research as can be done by an 18 year old non-medically inclined House MD fan has been put into this to make it as genuine as humanly possible.
Dedication: To Karrie. Because I promised she could read this before the first day of school back. I changed stuff, you know. XD

- Any medical jargon that you don't understand and want to read up on can be found in your neighborhood encyclopaedia... or just wikipedia for you internet people.
- The concept of Jack/Cameron (and Wilson/Cameron/Shephard) inspired by di_br.
- Lastly, if you have any questions about this fic/verse, feel free to ask. The only time I won't answer is if/when it reveals a plot point that I want to keep hidden 'til later in the story.

Previous Chapters:

Chapter Summary:
And honestly, to look you in the eye
It's easier to lie, easier to lie

- - - - - - - - - - -

"The patient's stable for the time being... but it looks like Graves, Cameron. That's why I called for you."

Chase and Cameron turned a corner and nearly fell back when they found House and Foreman waiting for them around the bend. In House's free hand was the file on Chase's patient, and a grin was firmly in place on his lips as he made an announcement.

"He's my patient now."

"House... it's Graves' Disease," Cameron said, taking the file from his hands as they walked back to the diagnostic medicine department.

He smirked. "You haven't even looked at the file." Stopping to look at her, he added, "That's so very me of you."

"All the symptoms point to it," she replied, rolling her eyes. "And I don't doubt Chase's initial diagnosis."

House turned around on them as soon as they entered the office. "And you're the immunologist, not Chase, if I remember correctly," he retorted. "You and Foreman do lab tests for T4, T3 and TSH. Chase, draw some of the patient's blood, then run a serological test on it. Let's hope we don't need to do a biopsy."

Foreman arched his brow. "Since when did you care about a patient's pain during biopsies?"

"I don't, really," he replied, slowly grinning, "but you will, since you'll be the one who has to do it."

The three left and parted, with Chase nearly walking into Jack, who was headed towards House's office. After a brief apology from both, they proceeded on their way, and Jack walked into House's office without so much as a word.

"Sorry to interrupt your scheduled soap time--"

"And yet you still did," House cut him off, turning the volume up on his television.

Rolling his eyes, Jack decided to continue on regardless of the degree of House's PMS as he liked to call it. "Did I just miss Doctor Cameron? I just bumped into Chase but she wasn't with him."

"Pathology. Doing lab tests," House replied, finally tearing his eyes away from the soap opera to look at Jack. "What's wrong? Did you need someone to share secrets with? I hear Doctor Cuddy's available in Exam Room One."

"Actually, I was going to ask her if she wanted to go with me to that casino night coming up," Jack answered, and he couldn't help but let a smug grin grace his lips at House's brief expression of what seemed like surprise. "Doctor Wilson said I could bring a date."

The expression on House's face left as quickly as it came; he shrugged, then turned back to watching his show, popping a few M&Ms in his mouth at the same time. "Too late." When he saw that Jack wasn't sure what he meant, he added, "She's going with someone else."

Jack laughed. "Who? You?"

"No, man! Bros before hos, remember my motto? I'm goin' with my posse, yo," House deadpanned. "I just overheard the minions. You know, water cooler gossip," he said, eyebrows waggling. "You love that stuff."

Realising that he wasn't going to get much more out of the conversation, Jack headed for the door, stopped only by House's last remark, spoken out of the side of his mouth, eyes never looking away from the tv screen.

"Go with Cuddy," he said between chews. "You'll really get your money's worth with her."

- - - - - - - - - -

It had been hours before Chase and Foreman found themselves back at home base, their results in hand. Foreman said he had seen House returning to his office from Cuddy's, but over twenty minutes had passed since then and there was still no sign of him.

Or Cameron, for that matter.

"I paged House twice already," Chase muttered, sharing a slightly confused look with Foreman. He was about to page Cameron, too, when she finally showed up at the door, rushing in with a slightly apologetic look on her face.

"Sorry, guys," she said, taking a seat beside Chase at the glass table, uncharacteristically tapping her fingers against it.

"Where were you?" Foreman asked. "One minute you were with me in the lab... I turned around and you were gone."

The look on her face went from apologetic to guilty. "Wilson paged me for a consult. He was going into a major biopsy... I think it's about to start now... and he needed my help on a few things."

Chase tried not to arch his eyebrow. "You mean the osteosarcoma case?" Once she'd nodded he was about to reply with Why would he need to consult you right before going into something he's the specialist at? but Foreman beat him to it, asking it nearly word-for-word, save for an addition at the end: "Plus, no offense, Cameron... but I think he'd get a consult with House before getting one with you."

"Maybe he did get a consult with House," she replied with a shrug. "You don't know that he didn't."

"He didn't."

The three looked up at the sound of House's voice. He walked in, looking oddly tired but no more worse for wear. He was looking straight at Cameron when he spoke, and she found herself inexplicably having to look away after a few moments. She decided to focus on his tiredness, which was what Chase and Foreman were thinking of.

House headed straight for the coffee machine, and was about to pour himself a cup when he found the complete silence distracting. Turning around, he widened his eyes, capturing their attention.

"Don't we have a dying patient?" he sharply asked, walking to the whiteboard with the coffee in hand. "Let's ogle at me later. What're the results?"

Chase was the first to reply, and House began writing on the board. "Serological test was inconclusive."

"But the T4 and T3 numbers were through the roof," Foreman added. "TSH is below normal, but not significantly so."

After writing, House stared at Cameron for a few seconds, waiting to see if she had anything to add, but after the dead silence, he sighed, then took a sip of his coffee before nodding at Foreman. "Do the biopsy."

Both Chase and Foreman left, and Cameron was about to follow when House stopped her. "Shephard came in here looking for you a few hours ago."


"No," House said before turning to walk into his office. "The one that guards the sheep down in the basement."

She decidedly ignored the sarcasm. "I was in a consult with Wilson right before they went to do a biopsy. He could've spoken to me then."

House dropped into his chair and set his cane on the table, looking up at her to respond. "Maybe he didn't because you were in a consult with Wilson."

Cameron looked at him a few moments longer before turning to leave. She didn't quite understand why he said the word consult in such a mocking tone.

Or why his look seemed accusing (petty and immature, but accusing nonetheless). It was the exact same look he gave her when he'd walked into the office minutes earlier. Cameron shook her head, wanting to focus on the task at hand.

She'd forgotten to ask why Jack had been looking for her in the first place.


Jan. 8th, 2007 01:37 pm (UTC)
rofl, being the avid Huddy shipper that I am, I can't help but notice Huddy-ness in everything, so yes, therefore, this line:

"Go with Cuddy," he said between chews. "You'll really get your money's worth with her."

YES, HELLO. =D Of course you know ALL about getting your money's worth, don't you, House? Muahaha.

Heeee, besides that.. House characterization is dead on ("The one that guards the sheep down in the basement." ROFL!), and Cam? Wilson? Consult? PFFT, YEAH RIGHT! XD
Jan. 8th, 2007 02:14 pm (UTC)
Don't worry, Michelle, you aren't hallucinating.

Every word and line put into this is done deliberately and with full intent.

So if you see Huddy... that's because I made sure Huddy was there. And believe me, there's a lot more where that came from. ;)

And I'm proud and honoured that you think my House is well written. :D

Thanks, dear!
Jan. 8th, 2007 02:16 pm (UTC)
omfg, and Huddy too?! K, ILU. THANK YOUUUU. Eeeee, now I'm doubly excited for the coming chapters! You're welcome, hun! =D