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Yes, I know, another project. But dude. This one hit hard. The idea was originally just Wilson/Cameron... but then this couldn't be avoided. So I decided to go for it, especially after all the feedback Karrie's been giving me. So... without further ado...

... *drumroll* ...

Easier To Lie
Chapter: Prologue
Pairing: James Wilson/Allison Cameron/Jack Shephard
Rating: PG, for now.
Disclaimer: FOX and David Shore = House. ABC and JJ Abrams = Lost. I don't own them, nor do I claim to. Kay? Kay. Also, any misused medical jargon is purely unintentional; as much research as can be done by an 18 year old non-medically inclined House MD fan has been put into this to make it as genuine as humanly possible.
- Any medical jargon that you don't understand and want to read up on can be found in your neighborhood encyclopaedia... or just wikipedia for you internet people.
- The concept of Jack/Cameron (and Wilson/Cameron/Shephard) came to me after I watched the two beautiful videos di_br made. Without that, I wouldn't be doing this. :)
- And also, a huge thank you to Karrie myst56 for being all fangirly over this. Much of this is for you. :D
- Only contains plot points revealed in S1.
- Lastly, if you have any questions about this fic/verse, feel free to ask. The only time I won't answer is if/when it reveals a plot point that I want to keep hidden 'til later in the story.

Overall Summary:
I try to be the one you want
I try to be the way you want
And maybe I could be the one you need
If you'll only... show me...

- - - - - - - - - -

"What do we have?"

The nurse tried to keep up as Robert Chase rushed into the emergency room, where the patient was just brought in.

"Diarrhea... a lot of it. Type six on Bristol. Tremors of the arms and trunk. Cardiac arrhythmia..."

Chase looked at the patient's stats as she continued to speak. Numbers were skyrocketing above normal, various beeps and alarms were sounding, but the medical team stayed calm.

"...he complained of intense chest pains..."

"Warfarin," he alerted another nurse who had been waiting for his instructions. She returned with a syringe and handed it to Chase, watching him inject it into the patient. "It's afib... it caused the tachycardia," Chase announced, glancing up at the nurse when he was done. "Get Doctor Cameron in here."

- - - - - - - - - -

Jack looked up at the sound of knocking against his glass window. He motioned for the visitor to enter before looking down at his work once more, not looking up as he spoke. "What can I do for you, Doctor Wilson?"

"I was hoping for a consult," he replied, passing the folder to Jack, who opened it to read the file.

"Amy Webber. Nine years old. Severe back pains..." Jack trailed off and his eyes widened. "Osteosarcoma? On the spine?"

Wilson nodded grimly. "It's the first I've ever seen or even heard of."

"How can this be possible?"

"We performed an x-ray, and a tumor was found. The CT, PET scan, and the MRI also confirmed the tumor presence... but only a biopsy can show if it's malignant or not," he explained.

As soon as Jack realised what Wilson was hinting at, he shook his head. "James... I'm not an orthopaedic oncologist. I can't do the biopsy."

"But you are the head of orthopaedic surgery. And I'm the head of oncology. And Doctor Cuddy is more willing to do this now than wait for an orthopaedic oncologist to fly in from San Francisco."

After pausing for a few more moments, Jack nodded, relenting, and stood. "I'll set the time. This afternoon?"

"Sure," Wilson nodded, following him out and walking with him towards one of the nurses stations. "Thank you, Jack."

He responded with a nod before averting his attention to the schedules the nurse handed to him. Wilson was about to walk away when Jack looked up.

"Oh, James?"

Wilson turned around and stopped.

"Your department's charity casino night is coming up next week," Jack said. "Formal, eh? I don't need to bring a date, do I?"

At the question, Wilson's expression grew slightly uncomfortable, though he tried his best to hide it. "You can bring whoever you want, Doctor Shephard."


Jan. 5th, 2007 11:59 am (UTC)

I'm glad you like it!