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The Index

This index, which will be updated constantly, will contain links to every story or non-written work I've posted :). They're complete unless specified otherwise.

Many of the fics linked here were posted in my personal LiveJournal, and will not be posted here (unless I get enough time to repost every single one). My LJ is friends-only, however, so those posts would be friends-locked.


RP Fanfiction
Real-Person Fiction Involving the cast of Lost and The Lord of the Rings, mostly.

Orlando Bloom/Evangeline Lilly
Co-written with Stacy seemedsobright, this comm consists of an ever-evolving, ever-changing storyline of the lives of Orlando and Evangeline ever since the day they first met on 16 April 2005. What first began as a game developed into its very own "verse."

Cut - PG
The Morning After - PG
On Location - 1/2 - G - work-in-progress
A Little Too Literal - G
Mine - 1/2 - R - AU (takes place in teffy's S&S world)
Mine - 2/2 - R
Unexpected Beginnings - G
The Start - PG - sequel to Unexpected Beginnings
Fate - PG - sequel to The Start
Enough - R - AU (takes place in teffy's S&S world)
Small World - G
No Competition - PG
Thursday - PG-13
And Baby Makes Five - G
Finally - G
Maybe - PG
A Chance Encounter - G

epico - PG-13 - NC-17 (depending on the chapter) - work-in-progress
A multi-chapter fanfiction revolving around the lives of Orlando Bloom & Evangeline Lilly, Ian Somerhalder & Maggie Grace, and Dominic Monaghan & Emilie de Ravin. Co-written with seemedsobright, thisisironic, and vylentcrymz.

Dominic Monaghan/Emilie de Ravin | Dominic Monaghan/Billy Boyd
Broken Sonnet - R - possible TBC

Heath Ledger/Keira Knightley
Getting To Know You - G
Mickey's Magical Mouse Ears - PG

LOST Fanfiction

   Chapter One
   Chapter Two
   Chapter Three

Fanmixes and Soundtracks

Orlando/Evangeline - Good Love Is On The Way