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Also written for myst56 as her Secret Santa.

Title: Overtime
Pairing: Jim Halpert/Pam Beesly
Fandom: The Office
Rating: G
Summary: Jim and Andy do some late night work.
Disclaimer: The Office and its characters aren't mine. :D

It was the home stretch. At nearly eight in the evening, Jim and Andy weren't doing too shabby. The night's work was purely assistant to the regional manager & regional director in charge of sales-related, leaving the Scranton branch office open to them alone.

Andy kept the Jagermeister to himself this time, and Jim was only too happy to decline the half-hearted offer. There wasn't a Karen to drive him home this time.

At the thought, Jim shook his head and took a long gulp of grape soda. You're at the home stretch. Don't sidetrack now.

"Tuuuunaaaaa." The strangled moan from the break room provided enough distraction, and his thoughts shifted in the meantime. Jim wasn't surprised to find Andy sprawled on the ground, bottle of near-empty Jagermeister in hand. "Tuuuuuuna. You maaade it." Andy's grin spread from ear to ear as he tapped Jim's ankle in appreciation.

"'Course I made it, man... the thirty-foot distance wasn't that bad to trudge through," Jim replied, looking up at the camera to smirk. "How's it going, down there?"

Andy sat up, taking another swig of the alcoholic beverage in the process. "S'all gooooood, tuna," he replied. "We're nearly done. Mike's gonna be so delighted."

Jim tried to hide his reaction to his choice of words. "I'll, uh, I'll just go back to my desk now, okay? You good, here?"

"I'm all good, tuna... but don't work too hard," Andy nodded, starting up a song by The Carpenters. "We've only just begunnnnn to liiiiiiiiiive, white lace and proooooomises..."

As Andy reclined onto the break room ground once more, Jim made his way back to his desk, not really minding that he ended up doing 90% of their workload.

Jim hadn't realized that someone was there waiting for him until he looked up. "Hey, Jim."

"Hey!" His expression of shock wasn't hidden. "...what're you doing here? It's... you went... you went home three hours ago."

To be concluded.


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Jan. 3rd, 2007 02:55 am (UTC)
galskjghalgad. please hurry and finish this little story. I want to know who it issssssss!!! and lmfao, again, wonderful characterization on Andy's part :P
( 1 — look after you. )